Exclusive Tools

Our cornerstones are our Gateways:
online and offline, new and old, traditional
and cutting edge.

Proprietary Tech Suite

SHC has invested tremendous resources into building an industry leading Tech Suite of services that, although not always visible, is constantly working on behalf of our clients. These services work in the background of your projects 24/7/365 to ensure SHC achieves Perfect Data.

SHCu AuthenticID_v2sm

Patent pending technology that eliminates both the risk of duplicate responses and false positives. Industry standard de-duplication technologies are built with a “one-size-fits-all” mentality that fails to account for respondent behavior and robs clients of completes


Allows you to access the entire healthcare provider universe at once by allowing multiple partners and recruiters to sample simultaneously

SHCu Mirror Final 2

Our proprietary tool increases HCP list match rates by using unique algorithms to overcome common matching difficulties. Examples include slightly differently spelled names, same names from adjoining cities, etc.The tool is optimized for the healthcare industry allowing SHC to obtain turnaround times unmatched by other healthcare data collection companies.


SHC helps consolidate the need for multiple agencies to conduct your projects. We are one of the only solution providers that offers custom Programming Services. We have expertise in Confirmit, Kinesis, CFMC, Quancept, SPSS and Sawtooth for CATI, Web and mobile collection.

Complex Capabilities


Multiple Choice, Scales, Matrix, Ranking, Open, and Closed


Complex Skip, Piping and Branching


Complicated Quotas


Multi Language


Drag & Drop Interfaces for Rating Scales


Ability to Insert Video, Audio and Images

Robust Reporting

Real time access to your data, or data delivered to you

  • Simple top-line reports with response frequencies and bar charts
  • Verbatim files with comments to open-ended questions
  • Banner tabulations by selected subgroups
  • Data files in any format to meet your needs including SPSS, Word, Excel, Access, ASCII, SAS and many other available formats.

Perfect Data

SHC employs rigorous quality control processes at every stage of the project, starting with the questionnaire program and finishing with a full assessment of the data set, ensuring the result is nothing less than perfect data.

Online & Mobile Quality Control

  • Checking during programming, including manual checking of programs and Random Data Generation
  • Blurry Box to ensure actual respondent
  • Verify respondent ID’s through matching & validation
  • Real Time Automated Checks
  • Back End Checks

Offline & Telephone Quality Control

Central web based Quality Control management tool for hiring, training, attendance, payroll, shift scheduling and setup, in-shift production management, in-shift quality administration of monitoring and validation processes, as well as providing real-time reporting on all call center activity.