We only provide interested, engaged, and qualified experts.

SHC’s precise sampling process targets as many relative qualifying data points as possible selecting only the most targeted experts to participate.

SHC Access

Global Access to Healthcare Professionals and Patients

SHC’s expanded reach includes access to 200,000 healthcare professionals and providers in Europe

Unprecedented Access: Over 2 million healthcare professionals and providers worldwide, and 500,000 sufferers/caregivers

Professional Coverage: Payors, Managed Care Administrators and Executives, Office and Hospital Administrators, Executives and Support Personnel

Provider Coverage: Physicians, Nurses, Dentists, Veterinarians, and Pharmacists

Patients, Sufferers and Caregivers: Patients in 150 key therapeutic categories

Locations:Offices, Hospitals, Clinics and Pharmacies

We know great research isn’t just about the biggest numbers. It’s about the best data.


That’s why we apply the same proven approach that has enabled us to increase feasibility by 30% in the US to your global programsand we deliver the same high level of dedicated customer support, meticulous sampling science and fast turnaround. So you know you always get the completes you needwhen you need them, whether you are seeking answers from around the country or across the globe.

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SHC Access+

The One-Stop Global Data Collection Solution



Put your data collection in the hands of the experts market researchers have trusted for more than 20 yearsand deliver the highest-quality results in the quickest time to your customers.

When you choose SHCs Access Plus, you benefit from:

30% more completes to maximize results

Faster turnaround times to meet even the tightest client deadlines

Global access to the ecosystem of Healthcare Payors, Providers, Patients and Caregivers

Assistance with complex research projects, supporting every phase of data collection from assistance with questionnaires through final coding and tabulations

Culturally-fluent translators to localize multi-country surveys

Tools– including:End-to-end programming, translations, sampling and reporting; web, mobile and telephone; TDIs, online communities, and Healthcare apps

SHC’s experts become an extension of your own in-house team, partnering with you to streamline and optimize data collection at every stage of your projectincluding survey design, sampling, programming, fielding and output. You can focus on creating the insightful and actionable analyses your customers need to build their businessso they keep coming back to build yours.

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SHC Select

Qualitative Recruitment and Research Support

SHC Select is your solution for Healthcare Provider, Payor and Patient/Caregiver Qualitative Recruitment and Research Support

A highly trained, specialized and dedicated team manages all aspects of qualitative research for TDIs, online chats, pre-test / pilot interviews, and bulletin boards

Leveraging our technology platform, SHC Select accesses over 2 million profiled, highly engaged Healthcare Providers, Payors and Patients / Caregivers across the globe

Moderation, translation, transcription and more available upon request

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SHC ExpressQuestions to Answers in One Week or Lessexpress_rTweb

SHC Express delivers the same gold standard quality, accuracy and service you’ve come to expect from our full SHC offering, 50% faster.

Unlike other fast-turnaround research tools, there are no limits on number or type of questions or target audiences.

Reach any U.S. healthcare segment, or combination of segments, across payers, providers, or patients.

Include any question, closed or open-ended, even skip patterns.

And you’ll have complete data in your hands in 7 days or less.

How do we do it? The secret is our access.

We have wide reach across healthcare audiences and the deep relationship with our members to deliver the access you need, with the speed this time of year demands.

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Technology That Harnesses the Entire Healthcare Universe


Our Hub technology harnesses the entire healthcare provider universe, allowing multiple partners and recruiters to sample simultaneously without fear of duplication.

A more rigorous sampling approach, as it includes the entire universe of physicians, not just empaneled HCPs

Provides a more representative sample, as every member of the HCP universe has an equal and non-zero chance of being included

Sampling the entire universe provides a more stable sample design for custom and tracking studies

Access to the entire universe enables you to reach more HCPs and complete hard quotas

HUB technology yields more from your client lists, without the burden of managing multiple partners

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SHC Patient Niche

Access to Rare and General Patient Data

The SHC Patient Niche is meant to augment our best in class HCP offering to allow our clients to speak with the full healthcare ecosystem.

Patient Niche leverages the SHC profiled and screened panel as well as our preferred partnership with Rare Patient Voice.

Our Patient Niche offering provides the ability to conduct qualitative and quantitative research with key healthcare consumers to help answer your critical business questions.

The SHC Patient Niche solution provides our clients with access to the final piece of the healthcare ecosystem whilst utilizing the SHC Universal best in class approach that ensures that you end up with Perfect Data for your analysis.

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Feel in the dark about a RFP topic or criteria? Unsure about an incidence on your project specs? Need an additional tool to help break in with a new client?SHC Target is exclusive to our VIP Clients.Target 3-5 key project criteria prior to fielding, for FREE!SHC Target is available in the US and EU5 with fast turnaround.Simply send us the 3 to 5 questions and we handle the rest.SHC Target delivers high quality solutions at the vital RFP stage.SHC Target takes the unknowns out of the RFP process and ensures a perfect proposal.pdfIcon17sqSHC Target

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SHC Target

Pinpoint the Right Respondents