Project Solutions

From start to finish, SHC works with you to develop your path to perfect data.

Online Gateways

Global Access to

  • Healthcare Providers
  • Public Health Opinion/Social Science Leaders
  • Patients
  • Healthcare Executives

Online Projects

  • Programming using WebCATI, Kinesis, Confirmit and Sawtooth Softwares
  • Hosting
  • Single, multi-country, and global access
  • Integrating / partnering with diverse sources
  • Pre-tests / live monitoring
  • Real time reporting, real time availability of data
  • Healthcare Apps


Mobile Gateways

  • Obtain real time feedback at the point of purchase or consumption
  • Seamless integration
  • Engage with social media, mini polls, and discussions

Mobile Projects

  • Mobile friendly that work with any mobile device
  • Full mobile imagery support
  • Built-in detection of over 2,500 mobile devices in over 8,000 configurations, your projects are sure to render correctly, regardless of mobile device type.

Qual & Community Recruiting

SHC has the largest, well-profiled, highly-engaged members for TDIs and other Online Qualitative Research

  • Access to 2 million profiled, highly-engaged healthcare professionals and patients
  • TDIs, bulletin boards and other online qualitative projects
  • Dedicated qualitative project team
  • In depth knowledge regarding the complexities of medical recruiting
  • Programming, recruitment, scheduling/rescheduling, honorarium processing
  • Quick set-up, usually within 24 hours