Travel Vaccinations: New Study Findings

As TSA officials anticipate over 20% higher volume of travelers this summer, we wanted to see where our fellow globe-trotters stack up against preventative measures for diseases abroad. We surveyed more than 130 physicians from our proprietary panel on their recent experiences with patients and travel vaccines. We found it particularly interesting that the number 1 illness that travelers return home with, only ranks 4th for the most administered vaccine.

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E.coli Coast to Coast

Consumers and businesses are still struggling with the impact of the recent nationwide outbreak of E.coli. In fact, on Friday, June 1, the CDC announced four additional deaths and 25 new cases, now spanning across 35 states, coast to coast. Although the FDA confirmed that the outbreak was linked specifically to romaine lettuce grown in the Yuma, AZ region, the majority of those infected were reported from the northeast region. Without being able to pinpoint a single grower, harvester, processor, from which caused the illness, this ultimately poses the question — is anyone safe?

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GDPR Compliance

MAY 15, 2018, LONDON, UK: With the 25 May General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) deadline fast approaching, SHC has spent a significant amount of effort implementing processes and procedures to comply with the legal obligations of GDPR, while maintaining full transparency with our clients, employees, and other individuals regarding the usage of their data.

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Survey Fatigue: Best Practices & Industry Standards

As you may have read, the BHBIA Response Rate Task Force recently addressed the industry concern around HCPs willingness to take part in market research. SHC is proud to have provided sample and fieldwork to help complete this research. To take it a step further, we sat down with SHCs industry veteran management team Anel Radoncic, Senior Vice President, Programming Manager, Anthony Howard, Vice President, Technical Operations, Mary Ellen Fasano, Senior Vice President, Project Services, Quantitative, and Christina Pereira, Vice President, Project Services, Qualitative for an in-depth, multi-perspective look into how the SHC operations team tackles this issue.
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Reversing the Decline in HCP Participation

BHBIA Response Rate Task Force released this comprehensive study, which addresses the concerns surrounding HCPs willingness to take part in market research, and reveals top tips to re-engage them and encourage participation. SHC is proud to have partnered with BHBIA in providing sample and fieldwork to help complete this research.
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